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History of Folger Stables

Like most places in the Bay Area Folger stable was once inhabited by the Native Americans.  It was rich with grizzly bears and other species.  Soon the Spanish arrived and then the American settlers.  Then the hills were logged for the many rich trees, mainly redwoods that thrived. 


In 1872 Simon Jones purchased 1500 acres of the property and named it Hazelwood Farm.  He had the Chinese build the stone walls you see today on the property.  Jones died in 1890 and the property was sold to James A Folger ll on October 12, 1902.  He was currently on the coffee business in San Francisco. 


He used the property for family recreation.  Arthur Brown and Henry Schulze designed the estate and beautiful stables you see today. In 1956 the Folger family sold it to Martin Wunderlich.  He graciously deeded the property to the county of San Mateo for recreation for use as park  and open space.  Chaparral is so fortunate to be able to steward on this property and to have our clients share such a wonderful site.

wunderlich park history
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